Nardis that raced in America and where are they now?


Nardis were some of the first Italian racing cars to be imported to America following World War 2.  The first three Nardis to come ashore were the Danese Alfa 2500cc cars, with one being a coupe.  These raced with moderate success and were all eventually modified by their owners to race with Cadillac, Wayne Chevrolet, and other engines.  Here is a picture of one of the Siluros at the 1951 Bridgehampton race and one of the coupe at the 1956 Duryea Hill Climb:  


(Bill Giltzow photo)

The two Siluro cars still exist and are located in California, the Coupe has sadly disappeared.


In early 1952 Paul Gougelman imported a ND 750 BMW, he then raced it many times and won the Hmod class (750cc and under) at the 1952 Guttenberg Hill Climb, the 1953 Bergstrom AFB race, the 1953 Lockbourne AFB race, and the 1954 Wisconsin Grand Prix.  After the 1954 season he sold the car to Bob Schroeder who raced it at Lawrenceville, Elkhart Lake, and Smartt Field (St. Charles Missouri).

(SCCA Sports Car Magazine photo)

(1953 MacDill AFB Paul Gougelman)

(1955 Lawrenceville Bob Schroeder)

This car still exists in the US with a blown engine and a seemingly uninterested owner.


The next Nardi to be imported to America was actually the first car produced by Enrico, it was affectionately called the “Boby”.  This car was raced extensively in Europe and was then purchased and modified by Berrado Taraschi who rebadged it a Giaur.  Frank Dominianni owned the car next and he raced it in the US with great success but as a “Giaur Crosley” and not a Nardi BMW.

This car is now in its original configuration and located in Italy.

Another early Nardi in the US was imported by Californian Al Coppel (through Tony Pompeo), it was a 750cc BMW Siluro and the car took class honors at its maiden race at Madera California in 1952.  The following photo was taken by John Ritchey at the 1953 Pebble Beach race where Coppel finished second in class:

  The Coppel Nardi BMW has since disappeared.  


Don Vitale imported and raced the Ex Gino Munaron Crosley 750cc Motto Barchetta with good success in the SCCA at tracks like Thompson, Suffolk County AFB, Westover AFB, Brynfan Tyddyn, and Beverly.

This car was last seen painted yellow in the central US in the 1970's.

Nardi sports racing cars were an integral part of the SCCA etceterini racing scene.  True survivors are among the most rare and cherished etceterinis.  To learn the rest of the history of the Nardis one must consult the new book!









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