Born in Austria in 1908, Karl Abarth was a European motorcycle champion in the 1930s who fled to Italy during World War II. His firm, Abarth & C., was formed from the remnants of the famed Italian constructor Cisitalia in April of 1949, its first cars being adapted from Cisitalia 202 coupes. 






There were 12 similar cars with consecutive chassis numbers that were of the Abarth 207A 1100 design by Boano. Ten of these were the spider (207), one was an open two-seater barchetta (208), and one was the coupe (209). All twelve cars shared the same type chassis and mechanical specifications, and as I said, their chassis numbers were all in the same sequence: Numbers 001 to 012.
As far as is known, these cars were built at the request of Tony Pompeo and all came to the USA. They were each originally painted a two-tone color combination to accentuate their very modern body style, so it is probably an "urban legend" of sorts that their homologation was aided by them all being red. Plus, since they were not "production cars", and were exported to the USA in 1955, I'm not sure that homologation was ever a factor.
Peter Zobian


Abarth 204A Dr. Sergio Lugo Dossier


1954 Torrey Pines


 1950 Abarth 205 Vignale #205101 Ex H.H. Johnson and Scott Emsley; Mark Gessler collection

Factory competition car driven by Guido Scagliarini and co-driven by Cornelio Mafiado. It placed 1st in class/4th overall in the 1950 Monza (Coppa de Europa), 2nd in class/5th overall in the 1950 Targa Florio, raced in the 1950 Mille Miglia (w/ aerodynamic nose and tail cones), and at 1954 Torrey Pines. It was also Abarth's entry for the 1950 Turin Autoshow. 

1950 Fiat Abarth 205A Vignale #205102 Ex Helmut Fischer; Klaus Edel Collection (Photos Provided by Wouter Melissen

(Cheryl and Ted Buckland Photos 2007 exclusive pictures)

(Under restoration 2010 exclusive pictures)

(Almost finished! 2011 exclusive pictures)




1950 Fiat Abarth 205A Vignale #205103 Ex Blair McGranahan and Ted Buckland; Elad Shraga Collection



(Pete Reuter Photos 2007 exclusive) 

1953 Fiat Abarth 1100-103 Ghia coupe 


(Jack Reuter archives)

1955 Sebring (Howard Wolery photo)

  1955 Cumberland John Bentley

1955 Abarth 207A #001 1100cc Ex Bentley and Goldman

1955 Abarth 207A #002 1100cc





1955 Abarth 207A #003 1100cc Ex Roger Abe and Bill Kasmer; Anthony Berni collection

1955 Abarth 207A #004 1100cc Ex Cole, Quaglieri and Kolodziejski; Fred Phillips Collection

1955 Abarth 207A #005 1100cc Ex Bill Noon

1956 Torrey Pines

1957 Palm Springs Dr. Karl Brigandi 7th

1955 Abarth 207A #007 1100cc Ex Peter Zobian

1955 Bremerton Airport WA Ben Brown ( photo)

1955 Abarth 207A #010 1100cc  Ex Brown, Muncie, Phun; Elad Shraga Collection

Period Abarth 207a Photos Below

1955 Wisconsin Grand Prix

1955 Lawrenceville (Howard Wolery photos)

1956 Cumberland


1955 Abarth 208a 1100cc Barn Find Elad Shraga collection


(Jack Reuter Photos circa mid 1980's)

1976 Missouri license plate

Jack Reuter at Rosso Bianco Collection

(Jack Reuter Photos circa mid 1980's)

1955 Fiat Abarth 209A 1100cc Coupe Boano Paris Show Car Ex Cornell, Pfiffner, Jack Reuter;  Ex Peter Kaus  


1955 Fiat Abarth 210-A


1956 Fiat Abarth 215A 750cc Bertone Coupe


Abarth Allemano Spyder (Henk Vasmel photo)


#100446004 Ex Pete Vack and James Goren; Alex Vazeos Collection

Ex Bill Noon 

Scott Gauthier collection 2008 Pebble Beach (Jack Reuter Photos)

1957 Abarth Corsa 750cc Zagato At 2002 Pebblebeach

1958 Seafair George Keck

(Ed Amaudin photo)

(Ed Amaudin photo)

1958 Thompson Paul Sagan


1958 Abarth 500cc Zagato


1959 Sebring (photo courtesy of the BARC web site)

1960 Marlboro

1959 Fiat Abarth 750cc #541508 Alex Vazeos collection

1959 Fiat Abarth Record Monza 750cc


1960(?) Abarth 


1961 Fiat Abarth 1000cc


(Henk Vasmel photos)


1964 Abarth Monomille SOHC


Abarth OT 1000 (Henk Vasmel photos)


Abarth SE027 Norb Mcnamera collection

1987 Abarth Sebring Meet (Jack Reuter Photos)

Abarth SE027 Paul Hocking collection

1971 Abarth 2000 SE010/015 Anthony Berni collection




1960 Porsche Abarth Carrera GTL #1005 Ex Dr. John Birchfield and Jack Reuter

This is not an etceterini but I think it belongs on my Abarth page:  In 1960 Porsche used Italian car maker Carlo Abarth (and Zagato) to help them compete with Ferrari.  The concept was to mate a light-weight low-slung aerodynamic Italian body with a racing 356 chassis and 1.6 liter 4 cam engine.  Only 20 cars were produced. This combination proved extremely effective as the Porsche Abarth Carrera won its class at Le Mans three years in a row (1960-1962) and took 7th place overall in 1962!  It also took numerous class wins in races such as the Targa Florio in Sicily and the 24 hours of Daytona in the U.S.A.  In my opinion the 911 form is a direct descendent of this body style.  This Abarth Carrera was sold new in Germany for road use and was later raced in Sweden.

The Abarth automobile was a fine racing machine that competed for many years. It was excellent for endurance races such as the 24 Hours of Daytona and at LeMans. While the Abarth excelled on the track, it could be considered dangerous on city streets. With the powerful engine that was in the automobile, even the safest driver could run the risk of having an accident on the road. Even Carlo Abarth might need a Los Angeles car accident lawyer if this car ran on the streets of the United States. Fortunately, it remained on tracks around the world.




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