2010 Amelia Island Photos



Etceterini (Featuring Michele Bandini)




The car seats and interior are in perfect condition. Most cars manufactured today
have comfortable seats or use seat covers, but many older cars would definitely have
a better ride if the owners installed one of the best car seat covers available.

1955 Bandini Siluro 750cc DOHC Jack Reuter

1953 Bandini Crosley 750cc Corinna Fendt

1947 Bandini Fiat 1100 Bill King

1957 Bandini Saponetta 750cc DOHC Marc Richelsoph

1959 Bandini Formula Junior Fiat 1100cc Hugh Ruthven

1953 Stanguellini 750cc DOHC Howard Banaszak

1957 Stanguellini Jim Jenne

1952 Siata Fiat 1400cc Coupe Peter Voorhees

1955 Moretti 1500cc DOHC Joel Stein 

1955 Moretti Spyder America 750cc DOHC Michael Schwartz

1952 Siata Daina Sport Coupe 1400cc 



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