Giaur was formed in 1950 by the great Berardo Taraschi (previously of Urania) and the Giannini brothers, the name coming from GIAnnini and URania. The engines were originally Giannini units, and Crosley engines were later used in America.  They raced throughout Europe in races such as the legendary Mille Miglia and also competed heavily in American SCCA racing.  Only 48 cars were made, 13 were the 750cc "Champion" which had removable fenders and were therefore eligible for both the Italian formula 3 series (open wheel 750 cc) and sportscar races.  Only five Giaur Champions are known in the world today.  Below are some examples of the incredible and beautiful Giaur racing cars.




Period Giaur Photos

1950 Giaur at 1952 Targa Florio Francesco Donato

1950 Giaur at Mille Miglia

Pete Lovely 1953 Pebble Beach (John Ritchey photo)

Bill Louden 1954 Golden Gate Park

1955 Abbotsford

1955 (?) Seafair

1955 CA State Fairgrounds ( archives)

Henry Koepke 1957 Seattle Sefair (Ed Buck photo)

1950 Giaur BT-? Ex Tony Pompeo, Pete Lovely and Henry Koepke

(Grazie Giuseppe!)

1950 Giaur Champion BT-04 Giannini engine # 085 Ex Francesco De Angelis; Giuseppe De Angelis Collection

1950 Giro di Toscana Boldrini

1950 Giaur Coupe BT-005(?) 

1950 Giaur Fiat (?) 500cc engine

1951 Giaur 500cc F3 BT-012

Bob Samuelson 1957 Eagle Mountain Texas (R. David Jones photo) 

1951 Giaur Champion BT-013 Ex Tony Pompeo and Bob Samuelson; 8th SCCA National Class Hmod in 1957

Japanese owned  1951 Giaur Champion 

(Photo courtesy of the Mitichi web site

1952 Giaur Champion BT-019 Gecchelin Collection 

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2010 Villa d'Este

1953 Giaur Champion BT-030 Ex Raffi Minasian; Alex Vazeos collection

1952 Giaur San Remo Motto Berlinetta BT-033

Bill Betts 1957 Eagle Mountain Texas (R. David Jones photo) 

1954 Bergstrom AFB

( archives)

1990's Laguna Seca (Cliff Reuter photos)

1953 Giaur Champion # BT-035 Ex Bill Betts 7th SCCA National Class Hmod in 1954, 6th SCCA National Class Hmod in 1955 and 8th SCCA National Class Hmod in 1957; Jarl De Boer Collection

1956 June Elkhart Lake (Clair Reuter Photos)

1956 October Smartt Field (Clair Reuter Photo)

1958 Meadowdale

Sandy MacArthur and family

1953 Gilco 203 "Giaur" Moretti DOHC Ex Paul Gougelman, Sandy MacArthur, John Wessale, and Bob Snider; Mark Brinker collection

(Photos courtesy of: Rievocazione del Circuito del Castello)

1956 Giaur # BT-039 Record Car

Japanese owned Giaur racing car

Original Giaur Brochure Ex Jack Reuter collection; Alex Vazeos Collection list of American Giaur racing drivers:

  • Bill Betts

  • Sandy MacArthur

  • Bob Samuelson

  • Frank Dominianni (*Nardi*)

  • Bill Louden

  • John Wessale

  • Paul Gougleman

  • Chalmers Hall

  • Bob Snider

  • John Bentley

  • Pete Bunn

  • Walter Walton

  • Pete Lovely

These photos courtesy of the the Alberto Taraschi Web Site


1949 Giaur 750 Sport Giannini G1 SOHC Engine


1950 Giaur Berlinetta Giannini G1 SOHC Engine


1952 Giaur 750 Sport Giannini G1 SOHC Engine


Giannini G2 DOHC Engine


1953 Giaur Champion Giannini G2 DOHC Engine


1954 Giaur Red Blitz Giannini G2 DOHC Engine


1954 Giaur Berlinetta San Remo Motto  BT-033 Giannini G2 DOHC Engine


1954 Giaur Record Car Giannini G2 Supercharged DOHC Engine


1955 Giaur Formula 3 Giannini G2 DOHC Engine


1957 Giaur Sport Giannini G2 DOHC Engine


Giaur/Urania racing record 1948-1953


(Daniel Rapley scan)


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